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Courses : B.COM(CA), B.COM(HON's.), B.COM(PLAIN), B.A., LL.B,B.A.LL.B, LL.M

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The  Navsamvat Law College  has established a reputation for excellence and visionary thinking in its efforts to improve teaching and learning across our nation. Under the guidance of renowned administrators and faculty members in four departments, students have opportunities to pursue.Innovative education programs, outstanding faculty, relationships with practicing educators and strong research opportunities make University a dynamic place for learning to teach and to contribute to the fields of education ...

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Chairman->Mr. Tarun Shah

Right education in proper atmosphere,in an organisation of repute,can greatly help us achieve a mindset where if someone sees a beggar,he does not think that if i do not get educated i will be like him....but rather he thinks,if i study well,i can make better tomorrow for a person like him.. and from that is where the name of Navsamvat start in every aspiring future bright citizen...


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Director->Mr. Prafull Totawar

We at Navsamvat endeavour to Remodel our students in such a form... that once they have achieved their desired degree from our institution... the whole outer world will realise that ignoring or leaving them is "their loss only".. Come and join us in the process of solid transformation from a student to the pillar of society.

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Principal->Dr. Narendra Sharma

Dear students! Welcome to Navsamvat Law College. It is an institution of academic excellence in 2005. I believe that our students should be imparted an all round education so that they become multi-dimensional rather than uni-dimensional. we believe in providing our students an environment rich in knowledge and supportive for their extra curricular interests. I Strongly believe that- "All Odds, all challenges and all handicaps of life can be overcome with strong ditermination,Hard work,patience and unshakeable tenacity"

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Navsamvat college

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Welcome Ceremony of 1st Year Students in Navsamvat Law College

Welcome Ceremony of 1st Year Students in Navsamvat Law College ...

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